Six Simple Steps to Become WrapRoof Licensee

Our core team in Florida cannot possibly wrap all the American roofs that need it, so our WrapRoof licensing program is available to general contractors and roofers all across the United States. Becoming a WrapRoof licensee enhances what you can offer your customers, which is the best temporary roof repair solution in the world. Even […]

WrapRoof Works For All Damaged Roofs

Mother Nature does not spare any structure from her winds, including churches, cathedrals, barns, schools, resorts and homes just like yours. That means on a daily basis we might be 100 feet in the air on a 18/12 pitch (a 56.3-degree slope) or 20 feet in the air on a 4/12. Low-slope roofs are easier […]

Power of Estimating with Satellites

Technological innovations fascinate me. In fact, one of the most useful tools in my line of work is being able to quickly provide estimates for WrapRoof customers using satellite and drone imagery from IRoofing and EagleView. Remember when the technology first came out on Google maps, and everyone was so excited to be able to […]

Weighing in on Roof Safety

I have a toddler running around my house, so I’m always looking to try and prevent ways she can get hurt. Falling objects is a big concern because some things can be big and heavy, and she is so tiny. Inside the house, my wife and I make sure furniture is sturdy and secured, so […]