The Benefits of the WrapRoof Method for Commercial Losses

At WrapRoof, we know exactly how difficult it can be dealing with unforeseen circumstances, which is why we wanted to create a product and service that could be used for a variety of purposes and serve any roof, not just the simple ones. The WrapRoof method has been proven to be more effective at securing and protecting commercial roof systems than any other product or method out in the market right now. We understand that a commercial loss can’t be treated the same as a residential property. The business needs to remain fully functional and operational so that your business can operate at the same level that it was operating prior to the loss. Our patented method not only looks great, so that you don’t have worn down and beaten blue tarps sitting on top of your roof, but it also has functionality and can save your business money. This in turn also affects your property’s insurance and the way the loss is handled. Therefore, we have created a system that will keep your business protected and operational until you can install a permanent solution.

The Importance of Aesthetics for a Commercial Loss

Everyone has gone to a commercial establishment at one point or another and seen cones on the floors, water stains on the roof and buckets laying around to collect the water coming down. There are two probable causes for this phenomenon. 1) That business is using blue tarps on their roof that weren’t designed specifically for the purpose that they are being used for or 2) That business has yet to put on a blue tarp on their roof in hopes of stopping the rainwater from penetrating only to meet the same results mentioned above. This doesn’t include how the business looks from the outside and through the perspective of the customer. As a business owner, you want your customers to look at your business and immediately conclude that it is a reputable and well-organized company. Having pieces of unsecured blue tarps flying around and water coming down from your roof will ultimately scare of potential customers, especially in today’s world where competition is ruthless, and the smallest problem can give your competitor and edge. So why risk it? Our patented shrink-wrapping method can cover any roof structure and it is warrantied for up to a year.

  • This allows for our plastic to sit right above the existing roof, creating a waterproof seal.
  •  This protects your roof and commercial property from water leaks, stains and gives you the added benefit of running your operations business as usual.
  • There are no issues with our system coming off from your roof and giving the impression that your business is undergoing heavy construction or simply being beat by weather conditions and allows you, as a business owner, to focus on what needs to be done to grow your business.

 WrapRoof’s Functionality and Coverage on Commercial Losses

Blue tarps simply do not work on commercial businesses. Flat roof systems are one of the hardest to mitigate during these losses and they simply can’t be protected properly with the use of a blue tarp. Moisture will eventually build up and create further damage to the roof such as bigger and more frequent leaks, or mold. As a business owner, this can mean a multitude of things from having to close the business, potential health issues to your employees and customers, or having to operating at a limited capacity. Not to mention that the appearance of damage to your property will have an impact on the amount of business you can receive or handle. However, the WrapRoof method can fix all of these issues. Our patented method for shrink wrapping was designed to protect and cover all roofs, regardless of size, structure, complexity, etc. Our method can withstand winds of up to 55mph, ensuring your roof is covered while you seek a permanent solution and it is designed to sit right above your existing roof so that you can maintain full functionality of all existing ventilation and other roof designs. This allows your business to stay open and service all your clients without having to worry about any future complications.  

The Benefits of WapRoof for the Business and its Insurance

Not properly mitigating roof damages can also impact your insurance. Insurance Carriers are constantly looking for better ways to mitigate these huge losses and were more than unsatisfied with the results they were getting with blue tarps for a multitude of reasons:

  • Blue tarps are not long lasting.
  • Cannot fully cover commercial roofs.
  • Do not provide waterproof seals or prevent future damage.
  • Are costly to constantly replace and monitor.
  • Don’t offer the same functionality as WrapRoof on complex roofs.
  •  Creates additional damages in the form of business interruption, further delaying the adjustment process and costing more money.

These are just some of the main points why a blue tarp isn’t effective from a business owners’ perspective and from an insurance perspective. Having to constantly mitigate the damages costs your insurance and in turn can affect the speed of which they can settle your claim as new damages keep occurring, thus requiring more time to evaluate and asses the damage in order to create a proper estimate for repairs. With your business being temporarily stopped, the insurance now takes the additional burden of having to include those added losses of revenue and once again, further delays the process. With WrapRoof, this won’t be an issue. Once fully wrapped, your roof system is guaranteed from further damages for up to a year. This allows your insurance carrier to properly adjust the damages and help make the necessary repairs your business needs in order to be fully operational and risk free of similar future losses.

Final Thoughts

With everything said and done, it’s easy to see why the WrapRoof method is better at securing and protecting your business from a roof loss than any other method or service out in the market right now. Our company operates at a nationwide level and we pride ourselves in offering a unique product and solution to every roof loss we get. There’s no reason to settle for an ordinary blue tarp that wont adequately protect your business when our licensed and experienced experts are ready to help you protect your business and better serve your clients.