Shrink Wrap VS. Blue Tarp Side By Side Comparison

How often have you driven by a house and seen the remnants of a deteriorated blue tarp? The answer to that question is, more often than not. Our industry has faced this challenge time and time again with the same result: having to replace the blue tarp with another one. It sometimes takes several months to get a roof replacement approved by your insurance company. Other times, materials for tile and slate roofs can be on backorder for months. Unfortunately, in some markets after a storm, roofing companies are so backed up, it can take months to get on a schedule. This creates many issues down the line for homeowners, insurance companies, and roofers alike that must go out and constantly monitor and replace these failing mitigation services. That brings us to our next big question, why hasn’t anyone improved on this clearly faulty system for roof restoration? I’m excited to share with you that we have. Our solution to this problem is simple, easy to use and effective at every level of operation. WrapRoof has established itself as the industry leader in roofing solutions by offering a unique and innovative solution and product to overcome these hurdles. We have devised a system that addresses all the issues that plague these homes that would typically require a blue tarp. Our product is longer-lasting, more aesthetically pleasing and as mentioned, cost effective. 

Differences in Product Coverage and Longevity

Blue tarps aren’t a long-lasting solution to roof leaks or damage, and no one expects them to be. However, there should be an alternative that can last more than a few months. This was one of the main issues that we tackled at WrapRoof when we released our patented method for shrink wrapping roofs. Blue tarps typically aren’t big enough to cover entire roof systems without having to place multiple layers and tarps. This creates other issues such as mold under the tarps, further damaging the roof and creating a health hazard to the occupants because there wasn’t a way to create a proper seal so that moisture and humidity wouldn’t get trapped underneath. Not to mention that the material from which blue tarps are made of don’t last long when exposed to the extreme weather conditions they face when placed on a roof. So how did we overcome these obstacles? We created our own proprietary blend of plastic that is UV resistant and intended to last for a minimum of one year. We also developed a method that allows us to properly seal the entire roof to create a mold and moisture-free environment. Heating up our plastic to fit perfectly into the shape of the existing roof creates a perfect seal over the entire roof while still being able to have full functionality of all vents and other roofing designs. We are also able to open up the plastic for inspections and easily reseal leaving the remainder of the 1-year warranty intact. This has completely changed the way roofs are wrapped, in an impactful and positive way way. 

Importance of Aesthetics and Appearances

Blue tarps are highly distinguished due their color and can be noticeable from a block away. While this issue does not affect the function of what the blue tarp was intended for, it does tie into the other issues mentioned above. A failing blue tarp is very noticeable and not atheistically appealing. Many HOA’s are now asking that blue tarps not be put up on roofs, or that the time be limited to only three months as it affects one’s perception of a property or neighborhood when multiple houses are tarped and in need of repair. So why should your property look like it needs to be repaired for months due to a failing restoration service when WrapRoof’s method can provide you the necessary protection to your roof while maintaining the desired aesthetics of a newly renovated roof system? Our method is so unique and innovative that we can heat-seal multiple pieces of our plastic so that there aren’t any inconsistencies in looks or coverage. This leaves your roof looking well maintained for up to a year while keeping it clean and organized.

Cost Effectiveness Over Long Term Use

We are now going to dive into what concerns most homeowners when deciding on what method to use in terms of restoration: price. Putting a tarp on a roof may sound simple and inexpensive because it can be. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best long-term option in terms of reliability or cost effectiveness. The average blue tarp must be replaced once or twice throughout its lifetime. This in turn means more visits from roofers and restoration vendors. Double the work means double the price, especially if that blue tarp fails to mitigate damages and creates a doorway for future leaks to develop or mold to form within the premises of the property. WrapRoof’s method on the other hand, lasts up to a minimum of one year. Our proprietary blend of plastic is UV resistant, so it won’t wear out as fast as the typical blue tarp and airtight seal prevents mold from growing, thus preventing further damages and in turn lowering the cost to repair. This sums up to less visits to replace and re-tarp the roof and less money and time wasted on a temporary solution.

WrapRoof Features and Benefits Summarized

At WrapRoof, we take great pride in the product and service that we provide to homeowners and businesses alike, and the advantages our product offer go beyond the three points mentioned above. WrapRoof is preferred by industry professionals due to several key factors such as:

  • Allows contractors to secure their clients homes until they can install a permanent solution.
  • Adjusters don’t have to constantly mitigate their client’s homes when blue tarps fail if they use the WrapRoof method.
  • Insurance Companies’ liability is limited, thus allowing them to put their customers back in their home while ensuring that the property is protected from further damage.
  • All WrapRoof installations are warrantied for a minimum of one year and can withstand winds of up to 55 mph.
  • We are the only patented shrink-wrapping company in the USA capable of operating nationwide.
  • Our proprietary blend of plastic is waterproof and UV resistant.
  • The WrapRoof method is applicable to all types of roof systems, no matter the material, size or complexity of the roof.
  • WrapRoof’s President is a fully licensed Contractor and is backed up by dedicated teams committed to quickly and effectively securing your property from further damage. 

All around, it’s easy to see the differences and more importantly, the pros to using the WrapRoof method over the standard blue tarp. We created this method because we saw the issues facing our industry and wanted to find a solution to every one of them, and we believe we have come close to a perfect solution for wrapping roof systems. We want to change the industry and continue to innovate the ways in which we service our clients, so we have begun to bring other trusted and reliable restoration and roofing companies in the industry on board to show them our way of wrapping roofs and slowly renovate the way all roofs across the nation are restored.