5 Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is by far and away the most stressful time of the year for both homeowners and businesses alike. Whether you are in construction, hospitality and service, or even finance, there is almost a guarantee that you will at some point experience a powerful and potentially even dangerous storm, the likes of which could impact your life dramatically should you be unprepared for. Now, while there may not be any concrete ways to avoid a storm, there are some helpful tips that could help you and your loved ones throughout this upcoming hurricane season. Below I’ve listed five of the most important, which I’ve gathered from the experience I’ve had dealing with storms in almost every aspect as a homeowner, restaurant owner and entrepreneur, and even now, as a managing partner for one of the most innovative and rapidly growing shrink-wrapping companies in the world. I believe that all my accumulated experience throughout the many endeavors I have taken up have helped me rightfully become an expert in the mitigation of storm damage, both to develop a method to reduce damages before, and after the storm. So, without further ado, I would like to share with you all the five best actions you can take during this upcoming hurricane season to be prepared for the worst.

1.    The most important advice I can offer anyone may also be the simplest: whilst getting supplies and boarding up your home is crucial to avoiding damage, the aftermath is just as important. You need to plan for the worst and hope for the best, and this to me translates into having a contingency plan. Know what your immediate plan of action is after the storm. Have your insurance policy and all pertinent documents somewhere safe and secure so that you may take any necessary steps after the storm to asses and document any damage to your property and personal belongings. Having the contact information for several vendors, plumbers, insurance agents and of course, WrapRoof, can help get you started in the right place after the storm. Our roofing experts can assess and initiate a plan to immediately mitigate any roof damage nationwide with our patented method of shrink-wrapping roofs that is backed up by our one year warranty. Major storms can be chaotic to say the least but having an organized plan of action will streamline the recovery process while giving you peace of mind.

2.    My second tip that will help you overcome this hurricane season is to be proactive. Don’t wait for the storm to arrive to start preparing. Take the necessary steps before hurricane season begins to unravel to make those minors repairs that will help keep your property safe during the storm. Simply having a home inspection to ensure that your house is properly sealed and that the current roof system in place will outlast even the toughest storm can be crucial in determining what needs to be done in order to be prepared. This can translate to many other facets of your property, such as cutting down any trees that may cause a hazard during the storm and checking that all lose items in and around your property can be fastened and secured.

3.    Thirdly, be attentive. The news is your ally during these difficult times and staying up to date on current storm tracking’s can save you unneeded stress down the line. While there are sometimes many inconsistencies with projected hurricane model trajectories, they still offer insight on where the storm can head and what necessary steps you should begin taking. We’ve all at one point or another either seen a friend, family member, or maybe even ourselves, start to prepare for an incoming hurricane a few days before it hits. This can lead to limited resources that may be unavailable to you such as food, supplies, and necessary materials to brace your home or business for impact. Be attentive to local and statewide news, it is one of your biggest allies during a storm.

4.    Coming in on number four on my list is supplies. I listed this one as number four due to several reasons. Most people immediately think about food, water, batteries and plywood when they hear the word hurricane, and often forget the other useful tips that play just as much of a vital role during these times. It is crucial to be stocked up on all these much-needed resources during a storm, especially if it is hovering around the possibility of becoming a major hurricane with catastrophic damage upon impact. The key here is to preemptively stock up, and to get only essentials. Remember that electricity and all the luxuries that we are used to can quickly be taken away during a major storm, and the supplies you get need to meet three criteria.  1) Be long lasting without power or electricity. Such as non-perishables, water, etc.  2) Provide a necessary function such as batteries, flashlights, or a generator. 3) Be trained on how to use what you do get. The middle of a storm is not the place to learn how to operate a generator or any other complicated tools.

5.    Lastly this brings us to point number five. Be prepared to evacuate if local and state authorities dictate your area to no longer be safe. We all like to believe that our house, personal belongings and other materialistic possessions can’t be replaced, when, the only non-replaceable object is yourself. Items can and will be replaced, human life however, is precious and can’t be resolved with an insurance claim or a contractor. Warnings issued by your government are done in your best interest and should be taken seriously. Storms can be unpredictable and no amount of preparing can save you from some of the monstrosities that mother nature can unleash. Have an evacuation plan ready to be put into action at any given moment. This will keep you organized and ready for the worst that may come.

I hope these helpful tips can offer you assistance during this upcoming hurricane season. Though it may not seem like much, even the simplest planning can have the greatest effect in reducing the complications that you may be exposed to during this hurricane season. Hope you all stay safe and can enjoy the better part of this season.