Hurricane Ida : The WrapRoof Response

As Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi begin the extensive process of recovering from Hurricane Ida, the WrapRoof team and our network of certified licensees have been on-site securing properties from further damage. 

Material Shortages Impact Property Owners

Hurricane Ida caused widespread property damage to Louisiana and nearby states as well as some areas in New York. During these hectic times, property owners have begun assessing the damage done to their properties and are looking for the best solution. Unlike in previous years, property owners are presented with a unique problem – material shortages. Material shortages means shingles, tiles and other materials won’t arrive for months! This makes the process of recovering from a hurricane much more difficult. 

As a result of the already strained supply chain, prices for roofing materials have drastically increased. Contractors that primarily relied on the ‘blue tarps’ method for securing properties have found themselves with little to no supplies. This means that property owners will be charged much more than in previous years. This should be a cause for concern. If you secure your property with blue tarps, you might be paying double for a solution that will commonly last 30-60 days. 

WrapRoof team secures commercial property damaged by Hurricane Ida.

WrapRoof is the Preferred Method for Hurricane Ida Recovery

Fortunately, WrapRoof is not directly affected by the material shortages. This is possible because we manufacture our own products such as the 12 mil polyethylene membrane, furring strips, and vents. This is good news for property owners who choose the WrapRoof solution as their choice for temporary roofing. They can rest easy knowing that their home will be secured with our one-year leak free warranty while they wait for their permanent roofing materials to arrive.

WrapRoof team secures commercial property damaged by Hurricane Ida.

In addition to the durability of the WrapRoof solution, our installation methods ensure that your roof remains in its post-loss condition. Unlike the traditional ‘blue tarps’ method, WrapRoof will not cause any further damage to the roof during the installation process. This will be incredibly beneficial to homeowners who choose to pay through their insurance. 

As it currently stands, the WrapRoof solution is the preferred method for temporary roofing in Louisiana. We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to secure properties damaged by Hurricane Ida. 

For more information, please visit our website at or call our hotline at (855) 668-2777. 

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