Hurricane Ida: WrapRoof ® Solution Saves Buildings from Damage

In response to Hurricane Ida, we deployed our network of incredible licensees to secure historical buildings, schools, hospitals, and residential properties from further damage.

We deployed more than 20 roofing contractors to install the The WrapRoof ® solution— and it was a success! Our in-house crews and WrapRoof ® certified contractors worked day and night to help those affected by Hurricane Ida. As you will see in the video, our licensees worked on properties of varying complexities. This is a demonstration of the amazing capabilities of the WrapRoof® solution and of our licensees.

Strong Winds Caused Major Damage to Roof Structures

The damages properties in Louisiana sustained due to Hurricane Ida left many roof structures in need of replacements. This can be an extremely stressful process for a property owner. Today, finding a permanent roof solution can be a lengthy process due to having to work with insurance companies and the current material shortages in the roofing industry. In some cases property owners will have to wait 6+ months for their permanent roof materials.

In the meantime, the roof needs to be secured in order to prevent any further damage to the roof itself as well as the interior of the property. Specifically in Louisiana, it rained for days after Hurricane Ida had passed which meant that damaged roof structures were vulnerable to leaks.

Louisiana Citizens Trusted the WrapRoof ® Solution after Hurricane Ida

In place of blue tarps, many property owners in Louisiana trusted the WrapRoof® solution to secure their properties with it’s 1 year leak-free warranty. Applicable to all roof structures and types, the WrapRoof ® solution is able to secure properties for one full year while the roof remains fully functional. vented and leak0free. This innovative solution ensures that the roof remains in its post-loss state and allows for easy inspections. As a result of its exceptional tear resistance and 18 month UV additives, property owners can remain calm that their roof will remain secured while they work with their insurance company and find the best permanent solution.

Co-Founded by Spiro Naos, the WrapRoof ® solution saves properties from damage done by Hurricane Ida.
Co-Founded by Spiro Naos, the WrapRoof ® solution saved properties from further damage in Louisiana

Special Thanks

We have to thank the following WrapRoof ® licensees for their substantial WrapRoof installs in Louisiana: sancen contracting, Pit Crew Roofing, Roof Runners, Home Wreckers, CM3 Construction, Sinclair Construction, and Disaster Solutions of Louisiana.

In addition, we thank ABC Supply and Mule-Hide products for their belief and support of the Shur-Gard Roof Wrap product. Roofing contractors were able to purchase materials from ABC Supply stores in Louisiana and secure properties with the most effective temporary roofing solution.

Video recap of the properties that have been secured with the WrapRoof ® solution.

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