Power of Estimating with Satellites

Technological innovations fascinate me. In fact, one of the most useful tools in my line of work is being able to quickly provide estimates for WrapRoof customers using satellite and drone imagery from IRoofing and EagleView.

Remember when the technology first came out on Google maps, and everyone was so excited to be able to pull up their house and see it from a satellite view? We use that same sort of process to be able to quickly provide WrapRoof estimates.

WrapRoof Roof Estimates

That’s right—we don’t have to physically go to your home, climb on the roof and use a tape measure. We simply put your address into one of the apps, and using satellite imagery, the measurements are calculated for us. 

This is revolutionary! This saves all parties involved a lot of time and money. This is especially beneficial to the customers, since they won’t have to wait long for our estimates, and they can even sign a virtual contract. As a result, we can provide more estimates in a shorter amount of time, which means we can get to the properties faster and protect them from further damage.

Many insurance adjusters also use this technology, which assists them in working faster to process claims. It is a great achievement that reduces stress for homeowners and helps to quickly get them back to feeling safe, secure and dry in their homes.

To learn more about how we use this amazing software, feel free to contact me. To see more of our completed projects, see our Instagram!

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