Roof Leaks? Here’s the Solution!

If you need to protect your home or business from further damage due to roof leaks, we can make a strong case for why WrapRoof is the most effective solution. 

The reason to shrink wrap your roof with WrapRoof rather than use an old-fashioned and inferior tarp is that WrapRoof works. The material used in our membrane is exclusively made for roofing with a proprietary blend of polymers designed to resist tearing. It is lightweight and tough! Blue tarps on the other hand will often start to disintegrate between 30-60 days after installation. This results in more visits from contractors and more holes on the roof.

Why WrapRoof Is The Best Temporary Roofing Solution

Property damaged by tropical storm is protected by the WrapRoof solution.
This property suffered damage from a Tropical Storm. The WrapRoof solution was able to secure this property from leaks and further damage.

Prevent Roof Leaks by Securing Entire Roof

In addition to the great difference in tear-resistance, a tarp simply covers a hole, while a temporary roof covers the entire roof of a property while leaving it fully functional. With the entire roof covered, there is no place for wind to get a grip and tear at the edges. We use a heat-shrink method to guarantee every roof is wrapped tightly. We have all seen tarps flap in the wind, and that simply doesn’t happen with the WrapRoof solution.

Blue tarps will not secure property from roof leaks as it does not cover entire property.
As you can see above, blue tarps are only capable of covering sections of the roof. The WrapRoof solution is able to secure the entire roof and leave it fully functional.

Due to the superior tear resistance and installation methods of the WrapRoof solution, we are confident to offer a one-year leak-free warranty to our clients. This gives the clients and the insurance company to make a decision regarding the permanent roof replacement. Our solution is also easy to remove to inspect and reattach if your insurance company needs to see the damage.  WrapRoof gives you the peace of mind that your most valuable asset is protected while waiting for the permanent roof materials to arrive.

If you are tired of replacing blue tarps on your roof, reach out for a free estimate on the WrapRoof solution at (855) 668-2777 or visit for more information. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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