Roof Wrap Demonstration for Contractors

In the past three months, the WrapRoof team has traveled to Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Beloit, Wisconsin— the headquarters of ABC Supply Co., Inc. to teach contractors how to install the Shur-Gard Roof Wrap that is now available through ABC Supply Co., Inc. 

Shur-Gard Roof Wrap Demonstration

The demonstrations— hosted by Mule-Hide Products, provide contractors with a unique opportunity to learn about the most effective temporary roofing solution available in the market. With material shortages expected to last past 2022, the Shur-Gard Roof Wrap is the ideal solution for contractors and homeowners alike. 

Heat shrinking a roof with Shur-Gard Roof Wrap
Co-Founder Larry Bond demonstrating how to shrink the Shur-Gard Roof Wrap to ABC Supply contractors. 

The goal of the demonstrations is to show contractors that blue tarps are no longer the only solution for a damaged or leaking roof. The Shur-Gard Roof Wrap comes with a one-year leak-free warranty and has protected thousands of homes across the United States. Shrink wrapping a roof with Shur-Gard will preserve the roof in its post-loss state unlike blue tarps that cause further damage. Most importantly, Shur-Gard is over 50% more tear-resistant than any other shrink film so contractors and homeowners can remain confident that their property will remain secure for one full year after installation.

What Contractors Learn

During our hands-on demonstration, we teach contractors how to attach the membrane on a roof, how to shrink the wrap, and how to tie into the penetrations. After the demonstration, contractors are left with a strong impression of the product, a full 12-step-by-step video training series, and can’t wait to start shrink wrapping their own projects. 

Shur-Gard Roof Wrap is attached to the roof without causing any further damage.
The Shur-Gard Roof Wrap is attached to the roof without causing any further damage. 

If you are unable to attend any of our events, I have great news! Mule-Hide Products has provided a full step-by-step video training gallery that is free and accessible to everyone. This training series covers everything from the equipment required for a full installation to how to tie into the penetrations. This series is incredibly informative and a great asset for those wanting a better understanding of the product. 

And as always, if you have any questions about our products or process, or if you want to become certified as a WrapRoof installer, feel free to contact me.

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