Six Simple Steps to Become WrapRoof Licensee

Our core team in Florida cannot possibly wrap all the American roofs that need it, so our WrapRoof licensing program is available to general contractors and roofers all across the United States.

Becoming a WrapRoof licensee enhances what you can offer your customers, which is the best temporary roof repair solution in the world. Even better, most home and business insurance policies cover the cost.

Previously, tarps were the answer for temporary roof repair. Now, there is a vastly superior repair method that mitigates damage while insurance claims are settled, and time becomes available to send a roofing crew to make permanent repairs.

Our goal is that any building in the United States that needs to have its roof wrapped can have it, and be confident in knowing their structure and its contents are protected from the elements. Becoming a licensee is simple.

  1. Send me an email at [email protected], so we can set up a licensee interview. 
  2. When the day and time of the interview arrives, a WrapRoof representative will contact you to learn more about you and your company.
  3. Companies that qualify will each receive a licensing agreement and a non-disclosure agreement.
  4. Sign the agreements and return them to us.
  5. We will send a training team to your location, and your employees will learn how to apply WrapRoof.
  6. WrapRoof will assist with your first few installations, until you are comfortable enough to handle them on your own.

And that’s it! The process to become a licensee is smooth and stress-free, and your company is quickly able to provide this innovative and cutting edge technology to your clients.

To see more of our completed projects, see our Instagram!

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