Weighing in on Roof Safety

I have a toddler running around my house, so I’m always looking to try and prevent ways she can get hurt.

Falling objects is a big concern because some things can be big and heavy, and she is so tiny. Inside the house, my wife and I make sure furniture is sturdy and secured, so it can’t be tipped over, and we have drawer locks so she can’t pull them onto herself or use them as a ladder to climb to higher and more dangerous levels.

But outside presents a whole new level of falling hazards. Tree branches suddenly become ominous threats. Plant stands and lawn furniture are potential missiles in the event of a hurricane which is usually a concern for us in South Florida.

Dangers of Sandbags

When tarps are used to cover roof damage, they are often held in place by sandbags. I got to thinking, “How much force would a sandbag land with if it fell off a 12-foot-roof?”

A 50-pound-bag of sand falling from a height of 12 feet hits the ground with 600 pounds of force. 600 pounds! The thought of something like that falling on any member of my family is terrifying.

The last thing any parent needs is the unnecessary addition of such hazards, like sandbags on a roof. If you think sandbags on roofs are not a danger, think again. One of our past commercial clients called us desperate because sandbags were falling from the roof down to the entrance where customers were walking past.

WrapRoof is the Safest Option

Now there is no longer any need to put sandbags on your roof, thanks to the technological innovations that make products such as WrapRoof possible. Our system is installed with our proprietary shrink-wrap (that was made specifically for roofs)  without using sandbags, so no heavy objects are sitting on top of your building. 

I’m always ready to help keep you and your family safe when you need damage control on a leaking roof. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for more information. 

For more information, contact me and to see our completed projects visit our Instagram

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