WrapRoof Works For All Damaged Roofs

Mother Nature does not spare any structure from her winds, including churches, cathedrals, barns, schools, resorts and homes just like yours. That means on a daily basis we might be 100 feet in the air on a 18/12 pitch (a 56.3-degree slope) or 20 feet in the air on a 4/12.

Low-slope roofs are easier to wrap, of course, but as we all know they come with their own set of leakage problems. The most common residential roofs have pitches between 4/12 and 9/12 (37-degree slope), while the most common commercial roofs we have wrapped have pitches between 2/12 and 4/12. 

We must also consider the type of roof covering. The roofs might be asphalt shingles, clay and concrete tile, metal, slate, wood shakes, wood shingles, bitumen, or PVC. Some of these have slip hazards especially when damaged so safety ropes, harnesses and scaffolding are a must.

We can also wrap just part of a roof. Let’s say you have an L-shape or a U-shape house, and a tree falls on one of the segments. We are able to wrap only that segment to save you and the insurance money.

No matter what configuration, pitch or material makes up your roof, WrapRoof can be applied to it. That’s because we custom-cut 32’ x 90’ sheets of our patent-pending membrane, and then fuse the sheets together giving the roof a continuous moisture-impervious seal.

If you have a complicated roof that needs a temporary solution, please contact me to quickly secure your property. To see our completed projects visit our Instagram!

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