Throughout his professional career, Larry built and owned several successful restaurants. He was often reminded of how ineffective tarps were when having to use them on his own properties. Larry shared this concern with his two business partners that had similar backgrounds. They attempted methods together that were somewhat successful, but their most successful advancement happened during September of 2017. All three partners were driving with their families to Tennessee from Miami to avoid hurricane Irma. A large boat that was shrink wrapped was heading in the same direction and it occurred to them all: If this boat can go 70 mph and this plastic can stay intact…why would this not work on a home if we used thicker plastic. Larry and his partners spent the next two weeks in Tennessee modifying their attachment methods for this new material. They ordered plastics with different thickness, levels of fire retardant and UV properties. After several months and a few hundred houses later- the WrapRoof system was perfected.