Three longtime business partners that were tired of blue tarps failing on their own projects set out to create a better solution. They formed Structural Wrap, LLC and developed the WrapRoof product and installation methods. WrapRoof is the most effective temporary roofing solution available and is protected by over 40 United States Patent Claims.

This state of the art product and service is available nationwide, for both residential and commercial properties. They developed the proprietary membrane with leading scientists in the shrink film industry from start to finish specifically for roofing. They provide clients the highest quality of product, most efficient and effective methods of installation along with exceptional service - available for all types of roofs.

Currently, WrapRoof is available for all property owners looking to install a reliable, temporary roof; roofing contractors who are looking to provide their clients our service through their licensing program; and insurance companies, who are looking to best serve residents with a product that meets policy standards. The product is installed with a 1 year leak-free warranty so the property is secured until the permanent solution is in place.





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