DO you have a leak in your roof?

We have a solution that is guaranteed to work. No more Leaks. No more problems.

Blue tarps don't Work.
So, Wrap Roof came up with a solution.

We come in, wrap the roof with Fire Retardant 12 mil vinyl, and give you most secure temporary roof solution available. Let us help you secure your home, business, and assets. Utilizing our waterproof, weatherproof, and fire retardant system, we are able to protect your property until your insurance company authorizes a permanent repair.

1 Year Guarantee

We use the heaviest duty polyethylene wrap available & guarantee your roof to be waterproof and able to sustain 75 mph winds for one full year.

Licensed & Insured

Our company's president is a fully licensed General Contractor native to Florida. Backed by a dedicated team specializing in quickly securing roofs from further damage.

All Roof Shapes & Sizes

From pitched roofs, to flat roofs, modified roofs, foam roofs, tile roof, shake roofs, Shingle roofs, and green roofs, we are certified and ready to fix them all.

When bad weather hits, roofs get destroyed. We give you quick & Effective relief.

If your roof is not secure, we're here to help. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe. The recent hurricanes have left many homes with leaky roofs that are destroying homes. Many roofing contractors are months out. We secure your home quickly to give you time to find the right permanent roof and the right contractor. Find the documents you need here:

Our Work

  • Residential
  • multi-unit residential
  • steep pitch
  • high rise commercial

Our Work

Multi-unit Residential


High Rise Commercial

Steep Pitch