At WrapRoof, we understand the importance of safeguarding your biggest investment - your home. That's why we work directly with insurance companies as preferred vendors, providing you with the support and time you need for your claim to process while you find the right roofer and materials.

With a team of experienced professionals and a state-of-the-art product, WrapRoof has successfully wrapped over 1,000 properties across the United States. Our solution is available within 48 hours of your initial call, ensuring that your home is protected from further damage in a timely manner.

If you are interested in the WrapRoof solution, contact us today or inform your insurance adjuster. Let us work together to secure your home and give you peace of mind.

Residential Homeowners

Commercial Properties

The advantages of acquiring wraproof services:

Secure your home and your business

Our innovative solution provides business owners with the assurance they need to maintain seamless operations and gives homeowners the peace of mind they deserve by ensuring a leak-free home until their permanent roof is installed.

A roof is a crucial component of any building, and WrapRoof offers a reliable and effective solution for safeguarding it. With our state-of-the-art product, you can rest assured that your assets are protected and secure.

Fully support when acquiring WrapRoof product

For property owners or licensees in need of assistance, WrapRoof's team of professionals is always ready to provide full support to ensure your property is protected. Contact us at [email protected] or call (855) 668-2777 for any inquiries or assistance.

Save time and Money

Choose WrapRoof for a smarter and more efficient approach to temporary roofing. Our solution helps you save money and minimizes the need for multiple mitigation efforts by providing leak-free protection for at least one year. This allows you the necessary time to make informed decisions about your permanent roof replacement.

Be in Control

No previous insurance approval for the cliente, Take the time you need to find the right contractor and material. WrapRoof provides insurance companies an opportunity to better serve residents and time to determine the right course of action for each permanent replacement. of the insurer


WrapRoof protects your property from leaks without adding holes or sandbags to your roof. Our product floats tightly above the roof surface and is installed below the drip edge to the fascia board.

1 year warranty

WrapRoof offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty on labor and materials for installations done by our certified team of professionals. Our product has been tested at the International Hurricane Center and has been proven to withstand winds of over 150 mph. However, in the event of structure damage or deterioration, the attachments may not withstand winds exceeding 45 mph. Most installations only cover up to 45 mph but higher wind speed warranties can be offered based on the specific project.

No Business interruption

Save money by keeping your commercial roof fully operational and secure without multiple mitigation efforts.

Fire Resistant

12 mil Fire Resistant membrane is ASTM E84 Class-A certified with zero flame spread.

Slip resistant

25% MORE slip resistant and more elastic than any similar membrane in the market.

UV Protection

24 month UV rating with semi-transparent properties

Improve your home and business’ appearance

Upgrade the appearance of your home with WrapRoof's innovative design. Say goodbye to unsightly blue tarps that are prone to tearing and flapping in the wind, and opt for a sleek, state-of-the-art solution instead.

Tear resistant

Product and fixation withstands winds of up to 150mph


In addition to tieing into all existing vents, we install additional vents that we manufacture so that the roof is able to function as it was originally engineered to.

We simply cut the membrane back so Inspectors can see the roof surface and then weld the same membrane back into place after the inspection is complete.

We developed the WrapRoof product so you have very little heat that penetrates past the membrane. Our membrane begins to shrink at 128 degrees fahrenheit/when direct open flame heat is applied. We shrink it with an angled roof torch at its lowest setting that is moved in a steady side to side motion moving from the fascia back to the ridge one 8 foot row at a time.

We cover labor and materials for 1 full year on installs that we do for up to 45 mph We have tested our product at the International Hurricane Center to withstand over 150mph winds but don’t warranty to that speed due to the possibility of rotted wood or other attachment point that is aged and could fail with high wind speeds.

No. It’s heat reflective and only shrinks when open flame is applied.

WrapRoof was founded and started wrapping properties 7 years ago!

Three business partners that grew up in roofing and construction were tired of failed blue tarps. They developed installation methods to secure shrink wrap instead of tarps. The shrink films that were on the market were marine wrap and boat wrap that would fail after 2 or 3 months and they were constantly going back to fix failed projects. 6 years ago they started working with leading scientists in the shrink film industry to make the film for them to use for their projects. When the volume of work exceeded their ability to meet demand, they decided to license their patents to other contractors across the country and started to distribute to ABC Supply and SRS Distribution so the materials would be readily available for everyone. Now anyone purchasing their material receive rights to utilize their installation patents while installing their approved membranes. They also created a video training series and have support teams to ensure projects are secured properly.

WrapRoof has secured over 55 United States patent claims

Protected by U.S. Patents: