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Our innovative method of protecting property from further damage has set a new standard in the market, providing clients with a superior solution. We offer licensing opportunities to roofing professionals throughout the United States, allowing them to offer their clients the benefits of our patented technology. As a licensee, you will receive comprehensive training, access to premium materials, and robust marketing support to grow your business. We are continuously expanding and look forward to welcoming new professional roofing contractors to our Licensee program.

At WrapRoof, we are constantly working to establish new partnerships with insurance companies as preferred vendors. This allows us to facilitate their ability to provide a better alternative to blue tarps for their property owners. Our goal is to offer insurance carriers a reliable and efficient solution that supports their efforts to serve their clients and stabilize assets.

If you are interested in joining our licensee program or adding us to your preferred vendor list, please contact us today for more information.

If you are interested in joining our licensee program, fill out this form below to learn more.

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If you are interested in adding us to your preferred vendor list, please fill out the form below and we'll contact you promptly.

The Main Advantage of Working With Us:

Becoming a Licensee

WrapRoof offers professional training on its patented attachment methods to industry leaders and their team members. By subscribing, you gain access to the patents and training, and become certified and vetted, allowing you access to preferred vendor jobs and projects.

WrapRoof provides marketing materials personalized to your brand, and offers full support to licensees with multiple team members available to assist.

For Insurance Carriers

WrapRoof offers a discounted rate for insurance carriers to add it to their preferred vendor list. The solution preserves the roof in its post-loss state, is warrantied for one year, and provides peace of mind to clients that their property will be protected from further damage.

WrapRoof's membrane allows for easy roof inspections and can be easily cut open and resecured as needed.

WrapRoof saves carriers and their clients money by providing a temporary roofing solution that prevents clients from having to mitigate more than once.


We are currently only licensing additional qualified roofing contractors in specific markets that need more coverage. To see if you qualify and learn more about pricing, please schedule a demo with our licensee director here:

Because of demand, the product is now available at ABC Supply & SRS distribution so materials are readily available to these contractors so they can keep families in their homes and business open. Licensee’s have unlimited access to our step by step SRS or ABC training series. These training videos are now available in English & Spanish to train your crews on safety and the installation process.

Our solution preserves the roof in the post-loss state and is warrantied for 1 full year so you have the time you need to make a coverage determination. WrapRoof works directly with Insurance Companies as preferred vendors. We offer a quantity discount rate that is exclusive for Insurance Companies that join this program.

When your client has a roof that is leaking, a tarp that is installed by adding more holes is not an effective solution. Our WrapRoof solution is installed without any damage to roofs and is warrantied against leaks for 1 year. We tie into existing ventilation systems so that the roof is fully functioning and have created an easy inspection method that allows us to easily cut open the plastic and re-secure as needed.

Offer your client immediate peace of mind and protect the contents of their home. With our WrapRoof solution, you only have to mitigate the damages once. We save you money and give you the time you need to decide what the right course of action is for the permanent replacement.

Step 1, Contact us by filling out the form available in our site in work with us. There we going to need your company’s name, your full name, email for contact and if you have any roofing experience;

Step 2, WrapRoof prepares a custom rate based on Estimated volume;

Step 3, WrapRoof can license vendors that are already in your Preferred Vendor Program when you provide their emails.

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